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Monday, 5 August 2013

Solution to problem - Palindromic substrings of a string

Here is my solution to the problem asked earlier about Palindromic Substrings
It is Python - with the function to solve the problem and the application test code with some 10 test cases used to test the code.

#Input is a string   
 def num_of_palindromic_substrings(ipstr):  
   slen = len(ipstr)  
   cnt = 0  
   for x in range(slen):  
     for y in range((x+1),slen):  
       substr = ipstr[x:(y+1)]  
       rstr = ''.join(reversed(substr))  
       if(substr == rstr):  
         cnt += 1  
         print "Palindrome sub string number",cnt,":",substr  
   return cnt  
 #Application test code  
 #Test cases   
 t1 = "abaabab"  
 t2 = "baababa"   
 t3 = "abbacada"  
 t4 = "aza"  
 t5 = "abba"  
 t6 = "abacaba"  
 t7 = "zaza"  
 t8 = "abcd"  
 t9 = "abacada"  
 t10 = 'ab3492a'  
 t11 = "level"  
 ret = num_of_palindromic_substrings(t11)  
 print "Total number of palindromic sub strings is:", ret   

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